Breast Actives vs Brestrogen Which Is the Better Breast Cream

If you have been contemplating using a breast cream to increase your breast size,  you have probably wondered what product will work best, and what kind of results you can expect. Brestrogen and Breast Actives are two of the more popular breast enhancement products sold in this article, we compare both products. Before we go into more … Read more

Vacuum Therapy for Larger Breasts

Cosmetic surgery has been very popular for centuries, in fact, plastic surgery dates back to India as early as 800 BC. Today there is a cosmetic procedure for just about any body part,  but for women breast augmentation is still the most popular. Figures estimate that every year around 300,000 women have some sort of … Read more

The Advantages of Using Breast Creams for Natural Breast Enlargement

Smiling woman with greast breastsWhen it comes to enlarging the size of the breast, many women feel the need for growth. Having larger breasts means having a cup size that fits better in some clothing options, can enhance self-esteem, and can bring about a needed boost to the overall appearance of a woman’s body.

While surgery is a permanent and known solution, there are many women who do not wish to take this augmentation route. Instead, other options serve as a more natural and appealing way to increase the size of the breasts and its tissues. Among the top contenders and safest approaches to natural breast enlargement is the use of breast creams. Taking this route has several advantages, many of which are expounded upon below.

1. No Surgery

Most importantly and most appealing to many women when it comes to breast enhancement creams is the fact that they do not require surgery. There is no lengthy hospital stay or risk of a severe infection. Further, there is no overt risk if the body rejects the approach to augmentation or change, as in the case of many surgeries. For these reasons, breast enlargement creams that natural increase the size of the breast serve a great ability to increase size without all of the lengthy and involved health risks.

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Bigger Breasts with Breast Enlarging Cream

One of the biggest sellers in the cosmetic surgery world is breast enlargement, there are thousands of women every year that undergo some kind of breast surgery, in spite of it being risky and expensive, often the outcome is not as pretty as expected, sometimes one breast settles more than the other or they look to lifted or unnatural, obviously to reverse the procedure cost more money.

Woman applying breast cream to breasts

There are several things women can do to have firmer, fuller and larger breasts and one of those is using a breast cream, sure your breasts will not be as big as with a surgical procedure but women can achieve up to two cup sizes larger in just a few months, the advantage of this is that using a breast cream is a safe and very natural alternative to increase breast size and has no side effects.

Breast creams and supplements have been used for years, in fact in the past women who decided on Natural breast enlargement methods often would eat certain foods to help stimulate hormone levels which would naturally increase breast size, however, there is a lot of new information and studies on different herbs to help increase breast size. All this new information has been helping women safely increase the size of their breasts while eliminating the need for a risky surgical procedure.

Some of the more popular breast creams contain an herbal ingredient called Pueraria Mirifica, this herb is found in Thailand and has been called the “Elixir of Youth”. Pueraria Mirifica has rejuvenating properties that not only benefit skin texture it also has a high concentration of Phytoestrogen properties that when applied directly to the breast stimulates hormones while at the same time increases the size of the underlying milk ducts, which is something that naturally happens to women during pregnancy, the reason it happens is because of increased hormone production.

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Are Breast Enlargement Creams Dangerous

Possible Dangers and Side Effects from Breast Creams Breast enhancement methods have been around for several years, in fact, the first surgical breast enhancement procedure was performed In 1895, by Vincenz Czerny who reconstructed a woman’s breast because of the removal of a benign tumor. Breast enhancement has come along way since then, first with … Read more