How to Spot a Quality Breast Enlargement Cream

Gorgeous woman covering her breastsBreast are one of those assets on a woman that can make or break the way they look,  and sure you can cover them up as much as you like, but a bra can only do so much, it will push them up and make them look tighter,  but that will not help you when you are wearing a loose undergarment or a bikini.  That is why a breast enlargement cream can make all the difference.

Breast firming creams

You have probably seen some of those inexpensive one hour firming creams that are sold in department stores, many of those are made with cheap ingredients and  they only work as a temporary fix, often leaving a chalky residue and do nothing to firm or lift your breasts. While they may say they work well, most women are often disillusioned by their results wanting nothing to do with any kind of breast cream ever again.

Many of us have been disappointed by products we have purchased in the past, many of them claim better results than they actually delivered, so instead of wasting our money again we would rather just do without. If your are looking for a breast cream that offers good results,  there are a few things you should look for before buying one.


Depending on what you plan to achieve, the ingredients in a breast cream are very important, some breast creams focus completely on firming and lifting while others have incredible benefits on increasing breast size.

Pueraria Mirifica is found in many quality breast enhancement creams, Pueraria Mirifica is a popular herb that originated from Thailand and is used in a variety of breast enlargement products, it is what is called a plant estrogen, it stimulates breast growth increasing fatty tissue underneath the breasts, and to some degree it naturally increases the size of the underlying milk ducts.

Vollufiline is another popular ingredient and it has scientifically been proven to increase adipose tissue ” fatty tissue” in the breasts, the difference between Vollufiline and Pueraria Mirifica is that Vollufiline does not have a direct effect on estrogen whereas Pueraria Mirifica does. This can be a good thing for some women, especially women who suffer from low estrogen levels,  a breast cream can serve a dual purpose and help women increase breast size while at the same time helping increase estrogen levels with no side effects.

Products like Breast Actives and Brestrogen both contain concentrated amounts of Pueraria Mirifica and are very effective for increasing breast size.

Breast cream safety

A womans biggest concern  is how safe are they, in fact, many inexpensive breast creams do contain traces of parabens which is something to look out for before purchasing a breast cream, so if you are reluctant about putting parabens into your body make sure the product you buy is paraben free.

Money back guarantee

Most companies that sell breast enhancement creams will offer some sort of a money back guarantee if they don’t move on because there are plenty that do, this will give you a chance to try a product risk free and if for some reason it turns out it did not work as expected you always have the option of returning the unused product.

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