Natural Breast Enhancement Methods

The benefits of natural breast enhancement methods and the benefits they can offer women.

Natural breast enhancement methods have been around for decades, they have become some of the most popular ways for women to increase the size of their breasts. Some of the main benefits of using natural breast enhancement are the fact that they are safe, effective, and inexpensive when you compare them to surgical methods.

Natural Breast Enhancement Methods

Below we will discuss the different methods and products that can help make your breasts bigger with no side effects, each method has its advantages and disadvantages which I will discuss in this article.

Breast creams

There are many different breast creams sold, they all claim to offer great results but thoese results will vary dues to the ingredients in the product. Different herbs can impact how much your breast will grow, one of the more popular herbs that women use to make their breast bigger is a herb called Pueraria Mirifica, it is found in popular products like Breast Actives and Brestrogen and can help women increase the size of their breasts up to two cup sizes larger, this usually takes approximately 2-6 months of continuous use to see full results.


Volufiline is a popular ingredient in other well know breast cream brands, Volufiline is a patented ingredient that also makes breast bigger, but it is not as effective as products containing Pueraria Mirifica, however, Volufiline works much faster, women using breast cream products that contain Volufiline will notice an increase in breast size in as little as 30 days and full results in 60 days. Some popular products that contain Vollufiline include Vollure and Total Curve.

Herbal supplements

Herbal supplements are a practical way for women to make their breast bigger, breast enlargement supplements contain a combination of herbs “plant estrogens” that stimulate estrogen. Women with low estrogen levels often suffer from sagging breasts.  When estrogen levels are normal the milk ducts and ligaments underneath the breasts maintain their fullness.

Herbal breast pill supplements

Many breast enhancement products  come with both a breast cream and a supplement which can help speed up breast growth, the cream helps naturally increase fatty tissue within the breasts while the supplement helps to increase estrogen levels.

Breast enlargement pumps (Vacuum therapy)

Vacuum therapy is a practical and very inexpensive method that can help women naturally increase the size of their breasts. Women have used a breast enlargement pump have had incredible success, some women have managed to gain up to 4 cup sizes larger, granted, it can take a couple of years but it is possible. One of the most popular breast pump devices is the Noogleberry, it has sold thousands of units and the customer testimonials speak for themselves.

Noogleberry breast pump

The reason natural breast enhancement methods are so practical is because they take very little effort and they are very affordable. Using a breast enlargement pump requires about 20-30 minutes out of your day 4-6 days a week, breast creams are normally applied twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening.

Other benefits of natural breast enhancement methods include:

Fast results: Most women will see an increase in breast size within the first few weeks.

Reduce sagging: Breast creams help reduce sagging breasts which affect women of all ages.

Make breasts fuller: Breast enlargement creams are very effective at increasing fatty tissue and naturally increasing the size of the underlying milk ducts, making your breast fuller, firmer, and perkier.

No long-term side effects: Breast creams can be used for an extended period of time with no side effects.

More than one method can be used at the same time: One of the benefits of natural breast enhancement methods is that you can use more than one method to increase breast size,  such as using a breast enlargement pump and cream side by side for faster results.

Realistic expectations from natural breast enlargement

One of the biggest mistakes women make when choosing a natural breast enlargement method is that they become impatient, it takes  at least,  two weeks before you will notice results and a full month for significant results.

How big will my breasts get?

This is one of the most common questions women ask before purchasing a breast cream. Most women can expect an increase of 1 1/2 – 2 cups sizes larger, using a breast enlargement pump you can expect between 2 – 4 cup sizes bigger, a lot depends on how consistent you are, I have personally known women who have achieved up to 2.5 cup sizes using a breast cream and supplement.

Woman in black bikini top measuring breasts


As you can see natural breast enhancement methods offer a very practical and safe way to increase the size of your breasts, most breast creams cost just under $60.00 USD for a one month supply, a breast enhancement pump will cost just under $75.00 USD and either method is a perfect way for you to begin your breast enlargement journey.


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