Safe Breast Enlargement Methods

4 Safe breast enlargement methods women may want to consider for bigger breasts.

Breast enhancement surgeries are expensive. Even if women are able to afford the cost, they are hesitant with the procedure because there is a big risk of complications and side effects of these surgeries.

There are safer alternatives to breast enhancement surgeries but the alternatives do not provide fast results. It can take several months to see results.

In spite of that, many women prefer these alternate methods because they are proven effective and do not cause any health complications. Here’s a look at some of the more popular and safe breast enlargement methods.

Breast Massages: Breast massages have been in practice since time immemorial. In the ancient times, when people did not have enough breast enhancement options, breast massages were the cheapest and easiest methods for women of all walks of life. Modern breast massages are done by professional therapists and various kinds of breast creams are used to aid the process.

Safe Breast Enlargement Methods

Breast massages can be done at home, with or without breast creams. The massage helps in increasing blood flow, which increases oxygen supply to the tissues. Massage also helps in retaining the elasticity of skin, which keeps the breasts soft and bouncy. It also prevents sagging of breasts.

Regular breast massage can keep the tissues healthy and well nourished, which can trigger growth in them – thereby increasing the breast size. If you keep at it, you can start seeing your breasts getting bigger in 4-5 months.

Breast Exercises: This is also an old and proven method of breast enlargement. Breast exercises also provide similar benefits that breast massage give. They increase blood flow to breast tissues and the resulting increase in oxygen levels in the breast tissue help trigger growth. Exercises work much faster than a massage but can be a little strenuous physically.

Exercises provide an additional benefit in the form of firm chest muscles, which provides a strong base for the breast tissues to rest on. Strong chest muscles also prevent breast sagging. Well developed chest muscles can add a few centimeters of increased size of their own and when this is coupled with growing breast tissues and firm breasts, the overall results are much better.

Breast Enlargement Pills: Breast tissues grow till women reach menopause but most of its growth is dependent on one particular hormone called estradiol. This hormone exists in a suppressed state for most of the time. It is very active when women reach puberty and stay active for the next several years. After that, it becomes suppressed and needs external stimulants (like massages, breast creams, exercises, etc) to get activated.

It is possible to stimulate this hormone with the help of specific chemicals and compounds. Breast enlargement pills contain these compounds and when people ingest them, the estradiol gets activated to trigger growth of breast tissues. Breast enlargement pills are fast and effective.

Pills that have natural extracts as ingredients do not cause side effects in users and are much better than synthetic chemicals. These pills also provide the best results when it comes to increasing breast size.

Breast Enlargement Pump: This is a well-known method to help increase breast size, breast enlargement pumps use suction, this method is also called (vacuum therapy) products like the Noogleberry are inexpensive and offer women a safe way to increase breast size with no side effects.

A breast enlargement pump comes with two breast domes and a hand pump, by pumping you create suction in the breasts, this increases blood and oxygen flow into the breast tissue stimulating new tissue growth. Women who have used this method have been able to increase their cup size between 2-4 cup sizes larger.

Noogleberry Breast Enlargement Pump


As you can see there are some very safe breast enlargement methods, however, there is no doubt that when women consider breast enlargement the first thing that comes to mind is surgery, breast enlargement surgery is a very viable option but there are risks.

If it is just a slight increase in breast size you are looking for a natural breast enlargement method may be just right for you, it is not expensive and there are no short or llong-termside effects, plus you never have to worry about something going wrong with the implants.

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