Total Curve vs Breast Actives for Breast Enlargement

In this article, we will Explain the differences Between Total Curve vs Breast Actives for Breast Enlargement.

Just recently there have been a few women asking me on my Facebook Page where to buy Breast Actives, what I have found is that there are a few countries where Breast Actives does not ship, in this case, women ask for a similar product that will have the same effect as Breast Actives, if Breast Actives does not ship to your country my recommendation is to try Total Curve, in this review I will explain the differences between the two products. In this article, I will review some basic differenced between Total Curve vs Breast Actives for Breast Enlargement.

Woaman in blue bra measuring breasts

Both Breast Actives and Total Curve are very good at helping women increase the size of their breasts, what both products have in common is that both are sold with a cream and a dietary supplement, each one works in a similar way to help women increase the size of their breasts and both can also help women lift and firm their bust with no side effects.

Total Curve Gel vs Breast Actives Cream

The active ingredient in each product is slightly different, the main ingredient in Breast Actives is Pueraria Mirifica, Pueraria Mirifica contains plant estrogens that stimulate more adipose tissue growth in the breast, it also swells the underlying milk ducts within the breasts making the breasts bigger, fuller and more lifted.

Breast Actives Cream and Supplements

Total Curve, on the other hand, contains something called Volufiline which has been scientifically proven to increase the size of a woman’s breasts up to 8.6%, Volufiline works by swelling fat cells within the breasts.

Total Curve Vs Breast Actives Supplement

The supplements in both products are very similar as you can see from the following chart, both products have similar ingredients in common.

Total Curve Breast Cream Effectiveness

When it comes to effectiveness both offer very similar benefits, from several reviews and customer comments women who have used Breast Actives have seen an increase of up to two cups sizes larger, which will vary from one woman to another.

Women who have used Total Curve have seen an increase of up to 8.6% percent which is about 1-2 cup size larger, here is where it gets interesting, women who used Breast Actives did not see full results till after about 9 weeks while women using total curve saw full results within 8 weeks so total curve does work slightly faster.

Other differences between the two products

One difference between the products is that Breast Actives offers a special easy to follow exercise training regimen focusing on your chest to help you reach your goals quicker, both products offer a 60-day warranty in case you are not completely satisfied with their product.

Lasting effects of both products

One of the benefits of breast creams vs Pueraria Mirifica the results seem to be more permanent whereas women who use Total Curve tend to lose a little bit of size after about 9 months, but you still retain around 80% of your original gains.


Both products are very similar in price, a one month supply of either breast enhancement product runs around $69.95 and both offer discounts if you purchase more than a 30 day supply. (See Special Offers Below)

Which one is better

This is a tough call, I have personally used both, but I am partial to Breast Actives, but if it does not ship to your country Total Curve runs a close second which will ultimately help you achieve your goal which is to make your breasts bigger, fuller and more beautiful.

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